open  daily 10-5
drop-in knit groups: Sun & Mon  2-4

66 scott street, murphys
just down from intersection of  main street & big trees rd/scott, next to alchemy market
ample street parking  or large lot behind shops: turn R at Scott & Jones. parking lot on R

(209) 728-8261
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about us:
maisieblue is a collaboration between two sisters.

one is a conceptual-creative that loves to shop and has a great instincts for what sells, but is very easily distracted by bright shiny objects. doesn't understand moderation or notion of finishing her knitted projects before casting on new ones.

the other sister is very good with numbers and keeps her sister tethered to reality. she has no trouble starting what she finishes and finishing what she starts. and making sure the wheels stay on the bus.

they make an excellent team.

after years spent living away from their small hometown...they now live in the same town, with mom and dad just a stone's throw away always a good thing when grandchildren are involved.

a few months ago they found the sweetest shopfront and decided to take a chance. (and it's still there eight years later!)

life is filled with seemingly endless school runs, frantically trying to figure out what's for dinner, juggling three precocious children (especially the Little Dude who isn't happy about being a baby), and making sure that maisieblue is a sweet shop to find the perfect gifts, or books...or yarns...or music, or cards... or toys.... easily distracted sister has a hard time limiting herself to just a few items to carry and instead loves to be surrounded by a plethora of fun stuff.

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