Apr 18, 2017

Mystery Box Time!

Technically it is our Spring box...because it's technically Spring....at least according to the calendar it is Spring. Weather so changeable this year never sure if we're still in winter or finally spring. Things are blooming....but then there's rain, snow, frost and tornado sightings! We break out the sandals, then it's back to galoshes a few days later.
Don't get me wrong....we LOVE the rain and snow (hurray to the end of the drought!). But all this changeable weather made the decision of what to put in Mystery Box tough. Hard to get excited about "Spring" when it is torrential downpours and our heater still kicking on throughout the day. Must remember the old adage....

Since Mother Nature having hard time deciding the season...we're passing the buck.  This Mystery theme is "either-or" choice because frankly...it's too hard to decide which option to use!

Choose Your Season
Warm & Cozy? Do you fancy days burrowed in front of roaring fire, all bundled up nice and snug, hot mug nearby and projects at the ready? Want to work on a project for next fall so on first crisp morning you'll have the perfect accessory to keep you toasty & warm?

Cool & Breezy? Are spring breezes, warmer temps and plenty of flowers more your thing? Longing for light, flirty projects that float in the breeze? Dreaming of hours spent in sunny garden working on a new project as bees buzz, flowers scent the air and trees whisper on the wind summer is around the corner....?

Both options highlight a scrumptious yarn we adore. One is a warm and cozy yarn-soft and luxurious (oh so buttery to use). The other option is silky, cool and lightweight-perfect to work on when temps spike. Both patterns yield pretty accessories-perfect gift-knits or something truly heirloom for yourself or a cherished loved one.

As always we include alternative pattern suggestions, tips and advice, plus a perfect escapist novel to enjoy while sitting in sun or basking in front of a fire. Help us (finally) usher in Spring or anticipate the return of Fall.
Choice is yours!
Want to Join in the Fun? 
  • Select your Option: KNIT or CROCHET
  • Choose your Box Type:  Warm & Cozy   or   Springy & Breezy
  • Select your Color # (scroll thru photos to see options)
  • Hit Add to Cart. Next page choose from drop down menu: Shipping or PickUp
  • Click Checkout to pay up and Bob's Your Uncle and You're Done! 

Boxes ready to ship/pick up April 29st 

Color options are below:

Welcome to a new season everyone! And thank you for all your wonderful patronage these past 8+ years. 

Kim and Megan

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