Aug 25, 2017

Mystery Box Summer 2017

 [shop closed Wed SEP 13th for a facelift]

Time for our Summer 2017 Mystery Box. Let's make this easy-peasy. Same price $50 + shipping and click here to buy. Boxes ready on Aug 30th to ship or pick up!

KNIT: Project is a fun knit using simple techniques in two ways to yield a mighty impressive end result. It's an accessory but as always box includes options....because we love options. Two different yarns: a stripy Aussie and a solid Peruvian. And that's all the hints you get!  (Well one more: I'm loving the pattern so much I have two going at once.....which is no surprise actually....and bodes well that it's a fun project!)

KNIT box option: pick the color palate that calls to you!

But wait.....there's more! 

Whew! Can you tell I had fun with a color palette generator app I discovered?! I took photos of colorways then bim-bam-boom a pretty palette for you choose. Without giving away which yarn is in the box!
(If you buy on website click on the main photo > to scroll thru all 10 options)

Come by the shop or buy online!
ps-if you already bought a your color choice! 

Happy Dog Days of Summer! 

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